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Letting Go of My Training Wheels: Pencil Guidelines vs Lightbox vs Lasers

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

As much as I love the results of my envelopes when I write guidelines, I truly hate erasing the lines after I am done with the project. I am getting into using my light

box more, and it has proven to be a pretty useful I am spoiled.

Birthday Envelopes made with Light Box

I recently finished a project for a client: Twenty-nine gorgeous blue metallic Gmund envelopes with return address as well as moon accents. Originally, I used these for my personal 2019 holiday cards and the organization wanted them for their new line of crossovers (they're a Military Sorority). What's more, the dark blue is one of their colors!

It was such a fun project but the prep-work, though beautiful, was not fun at the end when I had to erase all of the white charcoal and get rid of the shavings (I know first world problems). However, I do love a good dark matte or metallic envelope, but it is impossible to shine light through one. To remedy this, I have been using my Black & Decker laser leveler along with my We R Memory Keepers Laser Square for practice with more opaque materials.

My Achilles heel? Centering! For the life of me, I can not get over my visual distortion! I am trying so hard to not rely on drawing guidelines, and working on getting comfortable with just a laser line. I know it can be done!

I am not completely opposed to guidelines, I just hate having to erase them when I have more than two envelopes to design lol! Aforementioned, I have been using Fons & Porter's white charcoal led and I'm planning to try Sewline to see if they will serve me better when it comes to erasing.

What I do love about being in this stage of my journey is trying new items and methods and seeing what works well for me, as well as what works best for various projects. I have learned so much but I feel like there is some much more for me to learn...and I cannot wait.

...end of first world rant...back to practice :)

Nu Psi Zeta's Envelopes completed with Charcoal Guidelines


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